Projects I'm working on

MAGGIE'S WAR: A modern  take on the journey of Queen Margaret in Shakespeare's Wars of the Roses history plays, traveling from the late 1950s civil rights era non-violence movements through the early 1970s years of Baby Boomer-led social radicalism to the shifting priorities and commercialism of the early 2000s.

TROY (heart) CRESSIE: A comedic, wistful look at Black teen lovers who get together during the tumultuous 1970s era of forced busing for school desegregation, are wrenched apart,  and are reunited decades later as successful adults in the pre-pandemic 20-teens.

[(The) Enlightening] An Unintentional Comedy: A humorous collection of short plays inspired by the often ridiculous lengths we go to in trying to foster harmony but instead causing harm, especially in the "woke-place."

A few more scripts are available, including 10-minute plays. 

Most scripts are  in early drafts and ready for development opportunities. Contact me if you are interested. E-mail [email protected] or click the next page (Get in touch) and leave a message.

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